We Bring Our Expertise In Creativity

We are proud to be a team that is competent in converting the craziest ideas into high-quality artwork. Our field of expertise includes 2D games, NFT collection design, gambling, P2P gambling games, 2D illustration, 3D game design. Our artists convey your idea, a form, or external attributes in a visual way.

2D Games

2D game is one of the most favoured types of work for our artists. It requires high level skills and unique game assets that will bring up the whole picture.

The most important part of 2D game process is sketching. It creates the starting stages for the character, location, or element development for further exploitation in gaming.



NFT Collection Design

The digital world is changing rapidly, but the NFT space continues to grow and its adoption is becoming more widespread.

NFT represent the largest segment of the gaming market. We are proud to be a team that provides NFT collection design products and is able to be a part of the fastest growing industry nowadays.


The best way to get attention is to promote your product with creative visuals.

Gambling blurs the boundaries between virtual and real and gives the gaming industry new tools. Our artists team is competent in designing slots, poker, roullete, etc.

P2P Gambling

Our agency is the perfect place to P2P gambling services that will help breathe life into characters, environments and props.

Our deep expertise in art production using groundbreaking technologies allows us to create a high-quality product in accordance with industry standards and the latest trends for games of different genres.

2D Illustration

Our skilled and experienced team of designers presents a popular effective way to make a digital product attractive and emotional. We create original 2D illustrations adding uniqueness and beauty to your brand.

Rest assured that our team will show you the right direction.

3D Game Design

3D graphics is a source of aesthetic pleasure.

In today’s world, people need not only functionality, but also beauty and aesthetics.

Modern interfaces are inspired by the artistic achievements of many generations and become a special kind of art.

3D graphics  add beauty, style, elegance and make the interface a little crazy.

Our Advantages

  • Creative support

    From the early idea to the final object, our team supports you throughout the creation phase

  • Always go the extra miles

    We create exceptional game projects and colorful arts, recognized and highlighted by top world companies

  • Reliable long-term cooperation

    We provide fruitful and long-term cooperation with each client

  • Transparency

    An open dialogue, transparent communication and strict adherence to the wishes of the client ensures complete satisfaction with the implemented projects

  • Best security practices

    Keep calm and don’t worry about data, system and infrastructure protection. We adhere to strict protection policy rules and updates security systems

  • Variety of styles and genres

    We can cover the scale of almost any project


Game Ever! Lime Agency is the home for the hottest game design and illustration projects.

Our agency converts creative thinking and design into projects with excellent graphic and artistic quality.

We have an experienced and skilled team who are passionate about setting the mood for game art, and we know how to get it right.

  • The cost of game design or illustration can vary in a completely different price range and depends on the complexity of graphic design, style, the number of characters, additional advanced features and many other factors. Our services cost on average $20 per hour. This is approximate game design and illustration services price: more exact figures can be found out already with direct communication.

  • Our designers will make a unique 2D/3D drawing of the approved version of NFT collection for the marketplace or for your NFT game. At the same time, NFT packs can be created from scratch or using base files. Our team have been working on the World of Defish NFT game for more than one year. About 1,000 different arts were completely created by our artists.

  • The main task of our designers is to create a bright, unique and unforgettable product in the gambling industry. That is why we create a design for slots, roulette, and other online games that will not only attract attention, but also motivate the player to stay on your site. We also develop unique online casino games that stand out from the competitors with their original design and wide color range.

  • First we need information about the amount of work to be done. An important part of our process is coordinating the overall design and details with you. After that, we evaluate the project and indicate the timeline. If the conditions suit you, we make an invoice and work on a 50% prepayment. At each stage of the work, we make sketches that you approve, and then our designers make a direct drawing. You pay the remaining 50% after the project is completed and approved.

  • Yes, of course. We are interested in this type of collaboration. This is the most beneficial cooperation for you, as our team takes all the burden off you. Our narrow specialization allows us to understand the needs of gambling industry better than everyone. As a result, we are capable of reaching the best results with a high-quality gambling project that will attract a large number of people in a short period of time.

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