What could be better than a cup of tea and an exciting plot of a brand new game when the weather is gloomy and dull outside? You won’t get bored with us! That is why we present a whole selection of bright and exciting mini-games, P2P games and set of slots.

One of the craziest ideas we came up with was a tournament between rough, bulky and massive vikings, including girls. They compete with each other, as only Vikings know how to play: rough and tough, but also very funny.

That’s how our team got the inspiration to come up with these heroes.

The funny adventures of the turtles are also presented here. Players can plunge into the world of cool competitions, agility tests and much more.

In order to create a wonderful world of gambling, it was important to take care of every aspect of games creation – from the concept to the final result.

It was an exciting process that took a lot of time and energy, but we enjoyed every moment spent at work.

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